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Therapist Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct

We (Serenity Pamper Parties) are very proud of the calibre of therapists we currently have on our books and the excellent feedback we receive from clients reflects this. Our therapists are of the highest standards in the
industry therefore as a mobile freelance therapist we expect all therapists to help us to maintain this high standard to ensure maximum satisfaction from our clients. Serenity Pamper Parties will endeavour to provide therapists with suitable assignments usually in the form of pamper parties. Although therapists are self employed they are still representing Serenity, so at all times we expect therapists to follow the terms and conditions listed below.

Before an Event Takes Place:

  • The therapist must be must be eligible to work in the UK.
  • Therapists must be professional at all times, ensuring that they are dressed appropriately and smart. We expect all therapists to wear a therapist’s tunic, or a plain black outfit. Therapists must have a clean appearance, long hair should be tied back and nails kept short without nail polish. (Some clients may have an allergy to nail polish so this last point is very important.)
  • When a booking has been made, Serenity Pamper Parties will email all therapists with the details to see if it’s a booking they’re interested in participating in. These details will also include the full post
    code of where the event is going to be held, the therapist must check the distance BEFORE agreeing to do the booking.Serenity Pamper Parties attempts to place therapists on bookings as close to their base location as possible. However, if the therapist doesn’t mind travelling outside of their usual area, they should respond via email and state they will need ‘x’ amount to cover costs. Note: this must be via email, so
    that Serenity Pamper Parties has everything confirmed and documented in writing. These details must not be shared with clients or other therapists under any circumstances.
  •  Serenity Pamper Parties books therapists based on geographical location, qualifications and on a ‘first come first served basis’ we accept no responsibility for the freelance therapist not receiving any
    bookings. The therapist should ensure they have regular access to their email if they don’t want to miss out on any potential work.
  •  The therapist will receive written confirmation from Serenity Pamper Parties of the booking assigned to them around a week prior the event is due to take place. Therapists may not receive any further contact from Serenity until the confirmation letter is sent over; they are expected to make sure they keep the space free in their diary/schedule. The confirmation will be sent to the therapist via email and is subject to change before the event takes place. In this confirmation letter, the therapist will also receive a prepared schedule of treatments for the event, details on how much they will be paid/how to invoice and sometimes the event host’s contact telephone number. Although telephone numbers are usually exchanged the day before the event. It’s the therapists’ duty to confirm receipt of the confirmation via email as soon as possible after receiving it.
  • The therapist must provide Serenity Pamper Parties with at the very least 72 hours’ notice if they are unable to attend a booking for any reason, so that an alternative therapist can be booked in. Upon accepting a booking from Serenity Pamper Parties it’s the therapist’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with the location of the event. If in any doubt of the location, the therapist must contact event host or Serenity Pamper Parties for directions or further details.
  • The therapist will provide services as an independent contractor and should not be considered in any way or at any time to be an employee of Serenity Pamper Parties. The therapist hereby indemnifies Serenity Pamper Parties in respect of any claims that may be made by the relevant authorities against Serenity Pamper Parties in respect of Income Tax or National Insurance or similar contributions relating to the services of the therapist hereunder.
  • The therapist will maintain and produce evidence to Serenity Pamper Parties at her own expense adequate professional indemnity insurance cover in respect of her personal liability and all claims arising out of any failure to carry out any obligations and / or in respect of any negligence, damage or any other failure whatsoever in relation to any engagement undertaken under this agreement.
  • Serenity Pamper Parties may share the therapists’ details with clients they are working for, including contact details.


  • During an Event:
  • On arrival at the event therapists must ensure they introduce themselves and check the treatment schedule with the host to make sure all guests have arrived and will be ready at their allocated time.
    The therapist must maintain a professional and friendly persona at all times, during the assignment and must not disclose any company information to the client.
  • Therapists must only use professional products to carry out their treatments (i.e. those that can only be purchased through trade outlets or wholesalers) do not use ‘high street’ branded products for
    treatments. (If you require further information regarding where professional brands can be purchased please contact Serenity Pamper Parties
  • Therapists must ensure that they have seen a completed ‘client consent form’ prior to commencement of each treatment. Therapists must respect and maintain client confidentiality during
    and after the event.
  • Therapists must refrain from drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs prior or during the booking.
  • Arrive at the venue 15-30 minutes before the first appointment and keep (as far as is reasonably possible) to the scheduled treatment times. Changes to the schedule or payments cannot be changed without consent from Serenity Pamper Parties.
  • All parking fees will be covered by the person hosting the event, however if the therapist will be using a car park they must check the location of the car park and how to get there. Also they must contact
    the host upon arrival if help is required to carry equipment.
  • Therapists must treat guests at the pamper party with the same level as professionalism as they would their own clients.
  • Therapists must provide all products and equipment to enable them to complete the treatments they are booked to provide.
  • The therapist may promote their own services (individual treatments only and excluding group bookings or pamper parties) and will refrain from selling or promoting any third party product or service during the booking.
  • The therapist will invoice Serenity Pamper Parties for the previously agreed payment following the completion of the booking. Our Payment terms are 30 days, although payment is usually issued the next working day if positive feedback has already been left by the client.

It is the responsibility of the therapist to acquaint themselves with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change by Serenity Pamper Parties at their discretion at any time. The therapist is bound by the current Terms and Conditions when accepting a booking for an assignment.